Current Exhibition: Play!

On display May 3 – June 23, 2023

The MSC Visual Arts Committee announces the opening of ArtFest 2023 on display in the Reynolds Gallery from May 3 – June 23, 2023.

Children learn a diverse set of skills by playing with other children and adults. Through play, kids learn problem solving skills, creative thinking, communication, and important social skills. Play therapists actually utilize play to reconstruct and model healthy behaviors and offer children ways to express their feelings through activities like drawing, role play, and storytelling.

But what can play do for adults? Studies show that engaging in creative activities can benefit adults who are being treated for dementia, mental illness, physical injuries, stroke, depression, and probably much more.

In this exhibit, the MSC Visual Arts Committee invites everyone, of every age, to Play!

Along the way, we share information about different learning models and play theory that might give you a new way of seeing how some of these foundational activities develop important skills in children. But also think about how some of these activities help adults destress, focus, reconnect with feelings and think about the world differently.

What can you gain by taking time out of your busy day to play?