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Bryan-College Station Community Showcase
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Current Exhibition: The Bryan–College Station Community Showcase

On display until August 13, 2022

The Memorial Student Center Visual Arts Committee announces the opening of its newest exhibit titled, Bryan – College Station Community Showcase

Every community has memories to share. The Bryan – College Station Community Showcase explores those moments through the work of more than 30 local artists. When brought together, these individual stories tell a larger narrative indicative of a united experience.

With pieces inspired by nature, childhood memories, grief, friendship, and even pop culture references, the emotional range of this exhibit is sure to capture the hearts of many. Not only diverse in topic, the artwork on display includes an array of styles and mediums. Visitors will enjoy oil, acrylic, watercolor, and digital paintings, as well as pencil and pastel drawings, photographs, and more. This collection in all its different forms speaks to the uniqueness of the stories being told, which converge to create the beautiful puzzle of our community. 

Many of the featured artworks are for sale, which makes this exhibition a great place to encounter a new favorite local artist. With more than 30 artists to discover, you are certain to find something that resonates with you.