Current Exhibition: Everyday Life

On display September 27th, 2023 – February 24th, 2024

The MSC Visual Arts Committee announces the opening of Everyday Life, by Len Davis! The exhibit is on display in the Reynolds Gallery from September 27th, 2023 – February 24th, 2024.

Len Davis is a professional artist living and working in Los Angeles, California. He uses the mediums of assemblage, collage, as well as drawing and works on paper to explore themes of everyday life and human emotion. His use of human figures and emotional expression is at the forefront of Davis’s works on display here, in the James R. Reynolds Gallery.

Davis uses drawings, recycled and natural materials, as well as found items to create his artworks. He is also influenced by other artistic forms such as illustration, comic books and pop culture print media. In his own words, Davis describes his work “like a pizza with everything on it. Once you take that first bite, you’re inundated with flavor.”

Davis encourages you to view the artworks on display in this gallery and to question and reflect on your emotional responses. As human beings, what can our emotions tell us about our own values and ethics?

Davis is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and he has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a minor in Art from East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. Davis’s works have been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions since 2004. He also enjoys leading art workshops and public lectures.

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