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Current Exhibition: Women on Display

Confining Femininity in Art

On display until February 26th, 2022

The Memorial Student Center Visual Arts Committee is proud to present Women on Display: Confining Femininity in Art. This exhibit explores depictions of women in artwork specifically from the Texas A&M University Collections. Showcasing artistic works from a variety of historical contexts and a range of artistic forms and mediums. By including works from both male and female artists the exhibit wishes to present a full range of interpretations of femininity in art. Artwork in the exhibit comes from a number of different social contexts, with some pieces displaying near divine reverence of femininity, to other works that portray historical examples of the male-gaze. By presenting a wide-range of works and interpretations, the exhibit wishes to create an open forum of discussion about the role of femininity in art. 

Gathered from the Texas A&M University permanent collections, , Women on Display includes works  of portraiture, caricatures from a turn of the century French magazine,  contemporary and historical sculptural works and much more. Each piece has been selected to highlight the unique historical context that inspired the work. By featuring a wide-range of pieces, Women on Display explores the role of women as both the artist and the art.

Women on Display will be showcased from January 19th to February 26th, 2022