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Current Exhibition: Revival

Visualizing Natural History Specimens in Art and Science

On display until September 25th, 2021

The MSC Visual Arts Committee in partnership with the Texas A&M Biodiversity Research and Teaching Collections and the Texas A&M School of Innovation[X] is proud to present Revival: Visualizing Natural History Specimens in Art and Science. The exhibition aims to demonstrate the importance of CT scanning technology in preserving, understanding, and increasing access to biological specimens. On display are visualizations generated by researchers and undergraduate students, artworks utilizing the scans, as well as the original preserved specimens. 

Physical specimens include a preserved Elf Owl, a 3D printed Chinese Alligator Skull, an Ocelot Skeleton, and other related natural history specimens. The exhibit also displays visuals created with CT scanning technology that wonderfully illustrates the complexity and variety of forms present in these organisms. Additionally, artwork depicting the preserved specimens shows how increased access to visual information can allow for new interpretations and applications across fields. By displaying the artworks, scans, and original specimens together, the MSC Visual Arts Committee aims to explore natural beauty as it relates to technology and applications across a variety of fields.

Revival will be on display June 16 – September 25, 2021. 

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